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You Must Plan To Reach Your Potential

It’s New Year’s Eve and another new year is almost upon us. Many of us will be excited about our promised, forthcoming, new start. Let’s face it, there’s no better time to ‘box away’ a year that has lacked direction. We all have things we want to improve in our lives but I’m going to […]

Set The Trap Then Pounce Like a Tiger

One of the the first things taught when starting out on the road to potential squash mastery is to get back to the ‘T’ after every shot. In actual fact, it’s a position about a metre behind the ‘T’. It’s what every text book tries to instil. It’s true location is quite often revealed by […]

Stretch Your Opponent By Stretching The Squash Court

The object of the game of squash is to make your opponent cover the most distance, in the least amount of time during the course of a match. To achieve this objective, every shot you play needs to be accurate but that’s not all; depending on the type of shot, it needs to be struck […]